Benefits Of Giving

The Benefits of Giving

As we have mentioned in the past, Food for All’s work is important to reduce the amount of food waste and the number of people living in some level of food insecurity or poverty in Mexico City and the metropolitan area.
But it is not such a simple work. The existence of Food For All is only due to the support of its donors and volunteers. They are the heart and the engine of the functioning of our institution, without them we simply could not do and continue doing what we have done during these 24 years.

The Benefits of Giving

Ways To Donate In APT

You can make donations in kind in two ways: by donating canned food, perishables, groceries or fruits and vegetables; and donating non-food products such as toilet paper, cleaning and hygiene products or household waxes, as well as clothes or toys.

You can also donate cash through Paypal, on a regular basis or just once. You can donate your time attending our institution and give us a few hours as a volunteer to separate all the food that comes to us and be able to put together the nutritional packages. And of course, you can donate your voice, sharing what we are doing and publishing on our social networks or talking to a friend of ours.

Benefits Of Donating With Food For All

  • Donor Satisfaction: There is nothing more rewarding to know that you are not wasting any product and that instead, you are benefiting someone who really needs it
  • Link with the Community: As a donor, you have the right to know where your contribution is going to stop. This helps create bonds between beneficiaries and benefactors.
  • Social Projection of the Company: A vital part of every company at present is to have a certain recognition towards the care of the environment. These types of activities can help achieve this.
  • The liberation of warehouse space: Large department store space is occupied by a product that is going to be destroyed or wasted. You can have this space once you start to donate that product.
  • Savings in destruction costs: It is known that the destruction of food reflects an extra expense for any company that uses this activity. Would not it be easier to donate it? And you do not have to spend on the transfer, we go for the product.
  • Decrease in insurance payment on inventories: You end up reflecting less loss in your company, which benefits if or if.
  • Greater control of inventories: Once discarded the product that does not serve you; you have more control over what you still intend to sell.

Fiscal Benefits

By signing the Agreement to donate periodically, exempts the obligation to submit notices in reports to the SAT  destruction or donation of goods.

  • We grant you a tax-deductible receipt for the purposes of ISR and IETU.
  • And an additional deduction for an amount equivalent to 5% of the cost of the sale corresponding to the goods actually donated.

If after this you are interested in donating and being part of the change we are looking for in the country, visit our social networks and website. You can even visit the institution and know how our processes are and discover why we are the best independent Food Bank in the country.

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