The Importance Of Donating


Why Choose To Be A Voluntary Blood Donor

The donation of blood is an altruistic act for which there is no need to have exceptional conditions, only the awareness that it is necessary for someone (or for ourselves since 9 out of 10 people will need it at some point in their lives) and then I want to spend barely half an hour. Any person with good health status, over 18 years of age and under 65, and weighing more than 50 kg. You can donate blood.


Only having suffered certain diseases (hepatitis, AIDS, malaria, tumours and others), having been sick in the days before the donation or having taken some medications, make a person is not a candidate to donate at a certain time. In any case, the health personnel who do the blood collections will do some tests and some questions to know if the donor is in a position to make the donation. In cases that are temporarily excluded, once the indicated period has elapsed, it may be presented again to donate.

Donate Is A Healthy Habit

Upon arrival at the donation site (collections in mobile units, hospitals, Transfusion Center …), an acknowledgement is made to verify that the donor is in a position to donate (blood pressure and temperature, haemoglobin levels). Subsequently, the blood that was extracted will be analyzed for blood-borne diseases. Chagas, Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis, HIV, Brucellosis, among others.

Donate Can Harm To The Body?

DO NOT. A donation bag collects 450 cc of blood; It is a quantity that the body assumes without any problem when we are healthy and that does not cause any subsequent disorder. The body will regenerate it in a few days while it continues with its habitual work.
The donation process lasts about fifteen minutes and at the end, they will offer you a snack and drink, along with recommendations for the following hours (drink plenty of fluids, do not carry a lot of weight on the arm that has been punctured, do not smoke …).

Safety In The Donation Process

Blood donation is a safe process carried out under the responsibility of a medical team.
All the material used is sterile and single-use. It is impossible to transmit any type of disease during this process. Prior recognition ensures that the donor meets all the requirements and that the donation will not pose any risk to him.

Donate Is Easy And Safe

The act of solidarity of blood donation is easy and anyone who meets the following requirements can do so.

  • Be over 18 and under 65,
  • weigh more than 50 kilos
  • be healthy.

Donating is safe since all the material used is sterile and single-use. The donors also spend a small medical examination and all donations are analyzed.

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