Sample Facebook Posts

  • To change everything, we need everyone. We’re a week out from the People’s Climate Movement - Bay Area event on April 29th. We need you to join us as we stand together during this time of attack on our climate, jobs and communities. RSVP HERE

  • On April 29th, we will mobilize in resistance to the systems that attempt to divide us. Then we will rise united to build the brighter future we know is possible. Find out more information about #PeoplesClimateBayArea here:

  • A cornerstone of our fight has to be lifting up a vision that inspires us and gives us hope — a vision of a future that protects our climate, our communities, and our families. Join us on April 29th for the #PeoplesClimateBayArea event. You won’t want to miss!

  • Donald Trump and his administration of climate deniers and fossil fuel corporate cronies will wreck our climate -- but we can stop them. Will you join us April 29 to stand together for #PeoplesClimateBayArea?

Sample Tweets

  • We’re a week out from the PCM-BA event on 4/29. Stand together to protect our climate, our health & our communities! #PeoplesClimateBayArea

  • We only have a week before the #PeoplesClimateBayArea event you won’t want to miss!